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The Corporation of the Town of Moosonee Recreation Department is committed to providing a variety of recreation programs and services that are accessible to and respond to the needs and desires of all members of the community.

1.  To enhance the quality of life for all residents of the Town of Moosonee through the provision of public recreation services.
2.  To provide clean and safe recreation facilities for all members of the community.
3.  To provide programs and services at reasonable rates to prevent financial barriers to participation.

The Town of Moosonee Recreation Department offers a variety of facilities and services throughout the year.  The recreation facilities include the Moosonee Community Centre, which houses the Arena, Curling Club, and Community Hall, the Recreation Centre, which houses the swimming pool, gymnasium, and weight room, baseball diamond, soccer pitch and Tidewater Provincial Park.

Among the activities and services offered through the Town are:

1.  Skating
2.  Cross-country ski trails
3.  Curling
4.  Winter Carnival
5.  Gymnasium

1.  Soccer (Spring) - organized by the Moosonee O. P. P.
2.  Camping at Tidewater Provincial Park
3.  Gymnasium

4.  Summer Fun Day Camp (Summer)

Over the years the Town of Moosonee Recreation Department has expanded to include a variety of services.  The Recreation Centre located on the old air base was built in 1962 for the Canadian Forces Station (CFS) Air Base and in 1975 the Town of Moosonee (formerly the Moosonee Development Area Board) bought the building, which houses the swimming pool, gymnasium, weight room, and bowling alley.

The Moosonee Community Centre was constructed in 1984.  This building is a multi-purpose facility that houses the Arena, Curling Rink, and Community Hall.  There are several users and uses for each of the facilities within the Community Centre.

Community Hall:  The Community Hall is the only facility of its kind in Moosonee.  It serves every aspect of the community needs including families, businesses, youth programs, church groups and service clubs.  The following is a list of uses for the Community Hall:
1. Funerals – Families often request use of the hall for a gathering after funerals.  There is no charge for this type of service.
2. Dances – Often times dances are held in the hall for weddings, fundraising, anniversaries, etc.  The hall is also used for nonalcohol family dances, Christmas socials and the Ducks Unlimited annual auction and dinner to name a few uses.
3. Meetings
4. Training and Education Seminars
5. Bingos

Arena: Many groups and organizations use the arena pad year round.  The events that take place on the arena pad outside of the hockey season include:
1.      Wedding receptions and dances
2.      Monster Bingos
3.      Annual Home and Trade Show
4.      Community feasts
5.      Live bands

The arena pad is utilized year round because there are no other facilities in town large enough to accommodate over 200 hundred.

The winter months are among the busiest.  From October until March the ice is used by several groups.  Among the many ice users are:
1.      Moosonee Minor Hockey
2.      James Bay Girls Hockey
3.      Men’s Hockey
4.      Old Timer’s Hockey
5.      Children’s, Youth, Adult and Senior’s Shinny
6.      Broomball

Curling Club: The Moosonee Curling Club has three (3) sheets of ice and a lounge area that is rented for various functions.  There are also 5 dart boards located in the curling club lounge and a canteen.  During the curling season the curling club is rented for bonspiels and recreational curling.  The lounge is also rented year round for dances, meetings, dinners, and so forth.

The curling club lounge, community hall, and arena floor (when there is no ice) are used for special occasion permit functions.  When these facilities are rented for an alcohol function there are several policies in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all patrons.